Jabberings #13

by john on February 16, 2006

Stuck in Chicago, plane at least 3 hours late. Bleh. Thank goodness for EVDO.

I don’t know who came up with the line “A players hire A players, B players hire C players.“, maybe Leo Rosten according to this Joel On Software discussion forum thread, but no matter – it’s dead on. But there is a corollary – “A players hire A players but when they find they didn’t they take swift action.” You can attribute that to me.

Scoble is doing an experiment to measure the effectiveness of the blog search engines by asking people to use the previouslly unused word brrreeeport in blog postings.

My story about not investing in EBAY is the second link on the Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes. I really should update the article, I think at today’s price it’s a lost opportunity of $100,000 instead of $80,000.

I really don’t understand Google sometimes. I wrote a short article Olive Garden Rant that was nothing more than a pointer to the real rant, written by A-List blogger Dooce. But I’m getting good traffic to that page right now because I am on the first page in a Google search for olive garden and Dooce is nowhere to be seen in the first couple of pages. The only thing I can see about my article is that I included the words Olive Garden in my post title and Dooce didn’t. I have to think Google puts a lot of weight on titles.

Speaking of Dooce it looks like she just got back from Amsterdam, which I’ll be heading out for next week. Her pictures are way cooler than anything I’m sure I’ll get but I’ll try if I get the chance.

And speaking of Olive Garden, check out this new comment on my article from Olive Garden waiter Jonas. To quote:

bq(quote).. I go out of my way to make sure they won’t come back – nothing that would get me fired, mind you, but just enough to ruin their experience. Because I mind working? Nope. Because I mind not getting paid for it.

Reminds me of the busboy who once told me “Pay me what I’m worth or I’ll be worth what you pay me.” As it turned out, he already was.

I have 11 years of restaurant experience in me including about 7 as a waiter. I’m a good tipper. A great tipper actually. I am actually conflicted when I pay for a large group when they put the 18% tip on the bill because I would have tipped a lot more. But they don’t know that. The Chili’s waiter I’ve got now doesn’t like me sitting here one bit, I can tell, but I’ll tip him enough to cover the extra table he could have turned over if I wasn’t sitting here on my computer waiting for my flight. But he doesn’t know that. Oh well, maybe it will be a pleasant surprise for him.

Haven’t been playng much poker lately but I did take down a 1425 person $3 rebuy tourney a couple of months ago for my biggest score ever, a cool $4600. Pulled it all out the next day and bought a new TV and remote (with some left over). W00t!

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