by john on May 22, 2006

You know you are in a blogging rut when you’ve been in Barcelona for a week, including the night FC Barcelona won the European Cup and you haven’t written a damn thing.

Most blogging tips I’ve seen say “don’t create an entry just to apologize for not blogging” so that isn’t what this is. It’s a reminder of how cool RSS and services like Bloglines is. What’s the harm of adding someone that doesn’t blog like they used to? Nothing, really. Take a look at someone like Mark Pilgrim, who about 18 months ago vanished off the face of the blogosphere, only to start writing again last month. Because of RSS I knew immediatly when he started writing again, without visiting his site very day. Before RSS it took effort to check a site every day and then certainly if someone wasn’t writing you needed to take them off your list because it was work to go to their pages. No longer.

Pretty cool, if you ask me.


Joe Grossberg May 22, 2006 at 3:28 pm

As long as you don’t move your feed (or at least redirect it).

On multiple occasions, I’ve wondered “whatever happened to …” and learned that they were where they’d always been but had switched from index.rss to index.xml or the like.

tom sherman May 23, 2006 at 1:19 pm

That’s why I’ve always been in favor of publishing to “index.xml” (or better yet, “/feed/” and let Apache take care of the DirectoryIndex). Then you can let FeedBurner handle the format and keep a local URL if you follow something like this:

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