Ted Leonsis’ 101 List

by john on November 15, 2006

Read an interesting article on Monday about Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman of AOL and owner of the Washington Capitals. It described how he has used his blog “Ted’s Take”:http://ted.aol.com/index.php to improve the search results for his name, allowing him to better control what people found when they Googled him. Ted “responded”:http://ted.aol.com/index.php?id=501 yesterday, making clear that his efforts were more about reaching out to his customers than neccessarily improving his placement in vanity searches. I think it’s great to see this level of interaction and his blog is very real and personal, unlike other CEO bloggers I’ve seen.

What I found facinating about Ted’s blog, however, was his 101 List – representing the 101 things he wants to accomplish in his life. This is no ordinary list! He’s managed to check off all but 26 items on his list, and those include things that certainly will never be on my list, such as “Create world’s largest media company” (I wonder when he made this list?), “Be on cover of a magazine” and “Net worth of $100 million after taxes”.

Some of the items he has left to achieve are equally impressive, like “Give away $100 million in my lifetime” and “Win a world championship”.

Yet a part of me takes personal satisfaction in knowing that of the 26 items Ted has yet to accomplish, I’ve managed to achieve 3:

70. Go on Safari to Africa (5 times)
73. Go to Australia
95. Live overseas for one year (twice, and once was for two years)

Sorry Ted!

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