Joys of the Commute

by john on January 11, 2007

Certainly not my normal commute today. Up at 4:00, into the Chicago office at 8:30. Out of the office at 6:00, back home in Minnesota at 10:30. Would not want to do that every day.

But if I did, I certainly would have the opportunity to meet more great folks like some of the ones I met tonight. Like the construction worker on the train who comes home sloshed at 6:30, thinking nothing of standing next to you in a crowded train and coughing extremely loud and violently into your ear every minute or so. Nice. The hacking and swallowing of the phlegm is a nice touch.

Or the guy on the plane, who after we land whips out his cell phone and proceeds to make three calls, each eliciting additional information for the benefits of the entire plane, because that is how loud he talks and frankly, that’s how he rolls. Things like how cool he is because he drives a beamer. How he had to come back tonight because of connecting flight problems from a spur of the moment trip to Sydney to watch a friend play in the Aussie Millions poker tournament. When you’re this cool it’s hard to know who to hang with, your pals at the strip club, the home poker party or trendy Ciao Bella. The entire plane knows this guy is a playah.

Me? I just know he’s an asshole.

Travel. Such fun.

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