Google Trends

by john on May 23, 2007

Google has released Google Trends, a really cool way to see what is going on in the world through what people are searching for. I starting looking at this tonight and figured something was broken when I saw “WCCO”, “KSTP” and other Minnesota radio stations in the list but as it happens we had a big storm and I guess people do a lot of searching for information around an event like that. It was interesting to watch those phrases lose ground fast to the American Idol searches that got hot and heavy as the finale approached.

Just because I like to keep my coding chops not so rusty I’ve been up writing a perl script to scrape that page every hour and stick the data into a table. Assuming the cron job works it should work great. Not sure exactly how I will use the data, but I have a few ideas. I’m sure within the next few days we’ll see lots of other people doing the same thing and finding really interesting uses. At a minimum I could easily clone the Google page but add Red and Green trend arrows showing movement between places.

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