Five Years Ago This Week – 2/16/2003

by john on February 16, 2008

Number Five
photo credit: boklm

Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago:

Google Buys Blogger, Begets Bloogle? – small mention of Google buying Pyra Labs.

Joe Millionaire Winner – my second post on Joe Millionaire, basically talking about the traffic the first one got, and putting in a little Amazon affiliate link should one of the nuts want to buy something. I don’t recall that working!

Amazon Oddity – I point out that Amazon’s You Know You Want It recommendations are suggesting items I had recently removed from my wishlist. Apparently because I didn’t want them any more!

We’re Talking Baseball – Spring Training 2003. One of the things I wrote that the Twins had in their favor was that David Ortiz was no longer with us. Shows what I know about baseball!

Magnetic Google – I really have no idea what this one was all about since the challenge it refers to is no longer there. Cool link to Google Search from 1998 though.

Upgrade-athon – server upgrade time. I am so glad I don’t host my own servers any more.

Comments vs. Posting – I find this blast from the past quite fascinating. In it, I suggest that one of the flaws of using comments to communicate is that you lose track of the conversation. Five years ago there was not a “subscribe to this comment” plugin like we have today. Plus, I refer to everything as “weblogs” and “webloggers” which is quite quaint.

Microsoft Technical Support – I document a good support experience.

I Need to Learn How to Take Digital Pictures – I lament about not being able to take a decent picture of the moon. Was also nice to see a picture of my son from five years ago.

I wish I had started to do this back in December when I had my 5 year blog anniversary – it’s fun to go back like this.

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