Five Years Ago This Week – 3/1/2003

by john on March 1, 2008

Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago:

Using Unique Category Templates in Movable Type – I only switched to WordPress recently – five years ago I was using Movable Type and over the years I would publish a number of popular articles on optimizing its use, as well as develop some plugins. I haven’t gotten into that yet with WordPress but I could see doing so. This article describes something that is pretty easy nowadays – using different templates based on category.

Recipe – Coq au Vin – This recipe for Coq au Vin (Chicken with wine) used to be on the front page of Google and gave me a lot of hits. Now that is on the second page, it doesn’t drive as much traffic. But it’s still a great recipe.

Improved RSS 1.0 Template – Here is yet another thing I just don’t worry about much these days- RSS templates. Feedburner rocks. Interesting to note that at this time 5 years ago there was no mention of Bloglines, which I would go on to use for some time, and Google Reader, which is my reader of choice today.

Author Weblogs – I really like this post on the value an author could find in maintaining a blog to extend a readership base and accelerate sales. At the time I was reading William Gibson’s blog – now it’s Scott Adams.

Recipe – Dirty Eggs – This recipe is not for the faint of heart – a simple recipe for fat-laden scrambled eggs based off an old camping recipe.

Upsize Minnesota – Wrote about a new business magazine called Upsize Minnesota whose mission is to help small-business owners build bigger and more profitable companies. It’s a good little magazine and I still read it monthly.

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