Five Years Ago This Week – 4/12/2003

by john on April 12, 2008

Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago:

Adios Caffeine – Wow, it’s been five years since I stopped drinking pots of coffee a day. I still drink a little coffee now and then but mostly it’s decaf to me – and it’s made a huge difference in how much sleep I get now.

Outage – One of the problems of self-hosting your own blog – outages while you are out on business.

Simple Reading Game – A really cool magnetic poetry game where you can use your own word lists – great for helping kids read. Can’t believe my son was in kindergarten when I wrote this. Now he’s in the Boy Scouts!

Deane Goes Offline – Deane Barker shut down his website due to a misunderstanding from another company. Better safe than sorry.

Get a Clue Vendors – A pet peeve of mine – vendors leaving phone messages and not mentioning which company they work for. As if I will be calling them back.

Better than Dominoes – An amazing car ad, maybe on par (but in a different way) with Tiger Woods’ cool commercial where he bounces the ball on his club 50 times before wacking it a couple hundred yards.

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