Five Years Ago This Week – 4/19/2003

by john on April 19, 2008

Number Five
photo credit: yoppy

Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago:

Be Careful with Teaching Hospitals – Do teaching hospitals use anesthesia unnecessarily?

What a Girl Wants – Out to a movie with my 4 year old; now she’s the 9 I mentioned in the post. Uh oh.

This is no Classic
– Myst voted as a computer game classic? I don’t think so.

Holiday Birthdays – Low frequency of my son and dad’s birthdays falling on Easter.

WOW – Well five years ago the Wild beat the Avalanche in a 7 game series. This year we lost in 6.

Catfish Noodling – For a long time this article was my top traffic getter, until I wrote about Peter Answers.

OJ Reality Show – It wasn’t an April Fools joke, but fortunately the O.J. Simpson reality show never saw the day of light.

Ozzie Back – Ray Ozzie gets into blogging.

William Gibson Takes a Rest – William Gibson announces taking a break from blogging.

Global Blogging – geoURL enabled blogging.

Thong Thievery – The Smoking Gun comes through again.

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