Email Etiquette

by john on August 7, 2008

Soccer Ball
Creative Commons License photo credit: CoreForce

Haven’t felt the need to write a rant for awhile but damnit, I do this morning. It’s not really email etiquette but I don’t know what else to call it. Basic etiquette, really.

I’ve been head-coach or assistant coach for my kid’s soccer teams over the last few years and in doing so I get the pleasure of working with the local soccer coordinator who quite frankly is just a nightmare to deal with. I can’t pinpoint anything major really but it’s just all these little things that just drive me crazy.

As an example, I have been emailing with her about the possibility of me coaching both teams this year. After a few emails back and forth regarding practice times, etc, I wrote back to her letting her know that I would coach both teams and the times I wanted.

The next day she sent out a note to all the parents of each league indicating that she only had a couple of head coaches for each league and that she needed more volunteers.

But since she never responded back to me when I signed up I am not 100% sure that I am one of those coaches who she already has signed up. I think I am, but I really don’t know. So it causes me to have to send her a confirmation email.

I just HATE having to do that.

Am I being unreasonable?

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