Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know John McCain Can’t Use Email

by john on October 3, 2008

It’s funny but I feel like before I even get into a political post that I have to make clear my position, lest the right or left pigeonhole me and complain. Not that they won’t anyway, but let the record state I voted for Bush. The first time, anyway. I go with what works and yes, this year, I happen to think what works is Obama/Biden. But this is not a slam against McCain/Palin just for the sake of making slams or ragging on the right. It’s just an observation. Chill out.

One of the things that concerns me about Sarah Palin is that I really and truly feel as though John McCain is just using her (moreso than most) to punch his own ticket. He wanted his friend Joe Lieberman but the party wouldn’t let that happen so he put Palin on the team. But that doesn’t mean he can be forced to work with her. And that’s what I fear – that if McCain wins he’s going to put Palin in charge of energy and tell her to go “to the battleground” of Alaska and report in. And meanwhile he’ll get the work done in Washington. That wouldn’t be good experience for someone a “heartbeat away” from the presidency. But I really think that is what will happen.

So I was not entirely surprised when I read this article from the AP that indicated that Palin was questioning McCain’s decision to abandon Michigan:

In an interview with Fox News Channel Friday, the Alaska governor said she was disappointed that the McCain campaign decided to stop competing in Michigan. In an indication that the vice presidential candidate had not been part of the decision, she said she had “read that this morning and I fired off a quick e-mail” questioning the move.

So much for being part of the team.

I thought the “fired off a quick e-mail” comment was interesting for two reasons. First, she’s already been in a little hot water for using public email accounts for government business, presumably to hide something. Second, John McCain doesn’t use email! Now let’s be clear, from what I understand he doesn’t use email because he has war injuries that prevent him from using the keyboard (and maybe he has never heard of Dragon Naturally Speaking) not that he is old fashioned or dumb.

But no matter the reason for him not using email that fact is he doesn’t use it and Sarah Palin is sending him email.

Talk about the ultimate bridge to nowhere!

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