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by john on March 29, 2009

If you have read my posts on How To Sell Used Books on Amazon you know that I went from a book hoarder who couldn’t even loan a book out, much less sell one, to someone who has worked hard to rid the house of the clutter caused by thousands of books boxed away or piled on shelves.

Well I’ve never had the same sort of problem with music – my boxes of tapes and records were sold off at a garage sale years ago, but as I had been looking to clear even more clutter (not to mention making a little money) a few months ago I read on article in the local paper about a service called iPodMeister that promised to turn your piles of CDs into cash. Well, actually it’s even better than that. What iPodMeister does is take your CDs and burn them to a DVD archive which then allows you to put that music on all of your music devices, thus saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. And not only that but they also give you, depending on how many CDs you turn in, your own new iPod, iPhone or hard drive.

To give you a quick overview, here is the current conversion chart:

How many CDs or DVDs costs a new iPod/iPhone?

iPod/iPhone model No digitizing* With digitizing*
iPod Nano 8 GB 150 CDs/DVDs 250 CDs/DVDs
iPod Nano 16 GB 200 300
iPod Touch 8 GB 275 375
iPod Touch 16 GB 375 475
iPod Touch 32 GB 500 600
iPod Classic 120 GB 300 400
iPhone 3G 8 GB 250 350
iPhone 3G 16 GB 300 400
1 Terrabyte Hard Drive 200 300
1.5 Terrabyte Drive 300 400

As you can see if you choose to not take their digitizing option then you can get even more hardware, but for me digitizing was key. I hadn’t listened to any of this music for many years and without being able to put it on my mp3 player (or my wife’s or children’s) it was just wasting away.

So, after doing a little online research and not finding anyone who has had a problem with their service I decided I would give it a try. First thing I had to do was gather up all of our CDs and DVDs (they don’t give you digital copies of the DVDs but they do count toward your total) and see how many I had. Because years ago I was a member of some music clubs I had a bunch of CDs that only counted worth half, so I had to do a careful accounting to make sure I knew what I was sending them. All told I counted 313 CDs (of which 128 were BMG or Columbia House) and 68 DVDs. With digitizing I decided I’d go with the 16GB Nano because I needed to upgrade my wife’s MP3 player.

At this point I reached out to the folks at iPodMeister through email not really knowing what I would find. What I found was an almost immediate response to my email, with very customer friendly responses. All of my communications with them would be like this – very quick to respond, and very helpful.

Shipping couldn’t have been easier – I boxed everything up into two very heavy boxes and they sent me to prepaid shipping labels to use with FedEx, so shipping didn’t cost me a dime. After a week or so I got a response confirming they had received my boxes and they confirmed how many they counted, which included some reductions:

We received your CD’s and DVD’s. After careful screening and counting we arrived at the following results:
3 items had incomplete cover art or were radio edits, promos, or advance CD’s.
7 items were scratched excessively or water damaged.
22 items had a market price in the single pennies (“penny CDs”).

All told this added up to a 16GB Nano and a check for $41. And 8 DVDs of archived music digitized at 320kbps. They told me it would take about 14-21 days to get everything done and out to me and sure enough within that time-frame I got the goodies.

The only bummer about the whole experience is that the box that was sent to me got a little shaken up in the mail and both DVD cases holding the archive DVDs got broken. But I have a ton of thin blank DVD holders and I just moved them into those, not a big deal.

All in all, I had a great experience with iPodMeister and would highly recommend their service to anyone looking to make some cash or equipment from your boxed up CDs.

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Freehan Marello October 23, 2009 at 8:27 am

ah, it’s great to see that you had such a great experience with ipodmeister just like i did. their service is ABSOLUTELY legitimate and pretty quick, and now all my dusty cd’s aren’t just sitting around for no reason and i have a brand new iphone. bravo, ipodmeister!

Kevin October 29, 2009 at 11:31 am

Attention: iPodMeister is easy to fool you when it comes to claiming your prize. “its to good to be true”. they claim some of my cds were damaged and covers missing and damaged cds do to shipping.. they irritate me when it come to communicating to them, i rather throw away the remainder of my cds then give them anything else.

Kevin October 29, 2009 at 11:33 am

We received your CD’s. After careful screening and counting we arrived at the following results:

87 items had incomplete cover art or were radio edits, promos, or singles.

9 items were scratched excessively.

14 cds were in incomplete boxsets and therefore not acceptable

Based on the results outlined above you will need to remit a payment of $115 either by check to the address listed below or by paypal post to @@@@bklynbooks.com to be eligible to receive the 8GB iTouch with no digitizing. Pending receipt of your payment we will purchase the iTouch and ship it out within 5 business days. I’ll send you the tracking information as soon as it is picked up by Fed-Ex—a signature will be required to receive your package. Please remember that since “no digitizing” was chosen your cds will not be backed up to dvds—this will be a straight trade of your cds for the item(s) you have requested.

Kris November 4, 2009 at 9:37 am

there is no reason why you should be angry. We stated clearly on our website (http://www.ipodmeister.com/eligiblecds.htm) and in the detailed e-mail you received that we do NOT accept CDs with incomplete cover art or radio edits, promos, or singles. We also stated clearly that we do NOT accept CDs that are severly scratched or boxsets that are incomplete. You sent over 100 (!) items that fell into these categories. Why are you surprised that we did accept CDs that were clearly described as unacceptable. Common sense tells you that these CDs couldn’t have any value for anybody. We don’t “fool” anybody. We made clear -both on our website and in the detailed e-mail sent to you- that damaged, incomplete, worthless CDs are … well, wortless and that we don’t accept them. Sorry, but there is absolutely no basis for your complaint.

john November 4, 2009 at 1:36 pm

Thanks for stopping by and giving iPodMeister’s side of the story on this one Kris – you pretty much said what I was thinking. I also had a few CDs rejected, and all for the legitimate reasons documented. In my case though it just meant a smaller check for me since I had extra – in Kevin’s case he didn’t have enough for the device he wanted so he was being asked to send money, which I’m sure is what got him worked up.

Greg Fudane November 24, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Interesting discussion. Before we moved from Brooklyn to Phoenix we saw a flyer about iPodMeister in a local bar. The guy showed up at night, went checked out our CDs, took everything and gave us the money for a new iPod. We expected a new iPod from the ipod-Meister but cash was okay. He said that he doesn’t feel comfortable visiting strangers in apartments he hasn’t been in with a new iPod in his jacket. He packed everything on a moving dolly he had brought and I helped him roll the boxes into the elevator. The “iPodMeister mobile” is just a regular, beaten down boxy car without any iPodMeister lettering or logo. We repeated the same deal for my wife two weeks later. I felt for the guy and we have recommended him to our friends. Thanks for writing about iPod-Meister!

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