Minnesota’s Top Companies, Ranked by Search Engine Authority

by john on May 21, 2009

One of my favorite Internet Marketing blogs is HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog. They recently published a compelling article showing the search engine authority ranking for Massachusetts’ top 100 public companies as ranked by their awesome Website Grader tool. Since I live in Minnesota and work for one of the companies in the Star Tribune Top 100 I thought I would run through a similar analysis for Minnesota companies.

These are the top 100 public companies in Minnesota as measured by annual revenue, ranked in order by Search Engine Authority. The links will take you to each company’s Website Grader report.

Target Corp. (www.target.com) 98.6
Best Buy Co. Inc. (www.bestbuy.com) 98.5
U.S. Bancorp (www.usbank.com) 98.2
Ameriprise Financial Inc. (www.ameriprise.com) 97.6
3M Co. (www.3m.com) 97.4
Compellent Technologies Inc. (www.compellent.com) 97.2
Travelers Companies Inc. (www.travelers.com) 96.7
ADC Telecommunications Inc. (www.adc.com) 96.6
TCF Financial Corp. (www.tcfbank.com) 96.5
Life Time Fitness Inc. (www.lifetimefitness.com) 96.5
Gander Mountain Co. (www.gandermountain.com) 96.4
Famous Dave’s of America Inc. (www.famousdaves.com) 96.1
Rimage Corp. (www.rimage.com) 96
ValueVision Media Inc. (www.shopnbc.com) 95.7
Christopher & Banks Corp. (www.christopherandbanks.com) 95.5
Lawson Software Inc. (www.lawson.com) 95.2
Medtronic Inc. (www.medtronic.com) 95.1
UnitedHealth Group Inc. (www.unitedhealthgroup.com) 94
Valspar Corp. (www.valspar.com) 94
Mosaic Co. (www.mosaicco.com) 93
Select Comfort Corp. (www.selectcomfort.com) 93
Piper Jaffray Companies (www.piperjaffray.com) 93
Caribou Coffee Co. Inc. (www.cariboucoffee.com) 93
Supervalu Inc. (www.supervalu.com) 92
Fastenal Co. (www.fastenal.com) 92
Plato Learning Inc. (www.plato.com) 92
General Mills Inc. (www.generalmills.com) 91
Polaris Industries Inc. (www.polarisindustries.com) 91
Graco Inc. (www.graco.com) 91
Alliant Techsystems (www.ATK.com) 90
St. Jude Medical Inc. (www.sjm.com) 90
MTS Systems Corp. (www.mts.com) 90
Xcel Energy Inc. (www.xcelenergy.com) 89
Ecolab Inc. (www.ecolab.com) 88
Imation Corp. (www.imation.com) 88
Tennant Co. (www.tennantco.com) 88
EV3 Inc. (www.ev3.net) 88
SoftBrands Inc. (www.softbrands.com) 88
Canterbury Park Holding Corp. (www.canterburypark.com) 88
Donaldson Co. Inc. (www.donaldson.com) 87
Fair Isaac Corp. (www.fico.com) 87
Entegris Inc. (www.entegris.com) 87
Datalink Corp. (www.datalink.com) 87
Stratasys Inc. (www.stratasys.com) 87
Pentair Inc. (www.pentair.com) 86
Arctic Cat Inc. (www.arctic-cat.com) 86
Analysts International Corp. (www.analysts.com) 86
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. (www.chrobinson.com) 84
Hormel Foods Corp. (www.hormel.com) 84
Digital River Inc. (www.digitalriver.com) 84
Nash Finch Co. (www.nashfinch.com) 83
Otter Tail Corp. (www.ottertail.com) 83
MoneyGram International Inc. (www.moneygram.com) 83
Virtual Radiologic Corp. (www.virtualrad.com) 83
PepsiAmericas Inc. (www.pepsiamericas.com) 82
The Toro Co. (www.thetorocompany.com) 82
G&K Services Inc. (www.gkservices.com) 82
Winmark Corp. (www.winmarkcorporation.com) 82
Navarre Corp. (www.navarre.com) 81
Allete Inc. (www.allete.com) 80
Nortech Systems Inc. (www.nortechsys.com) 80
American Medical Systems Holdings Inc. (www.americanmedicalsystems.com) 79
Patterson Companies Inc. (www.pattersoncompanies.com) 78
Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. (www.buffalowildwings.com) 78
ATS Medical Inc. (www.atsmedical.com) 78
Deluxe Corp. (www.deluxe.com) 77
Medtox Scientific Inc. (www.medtox.com) 77
Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. (www.gcfb.net) 76
Health Fitness Corp. (www.hfit.com) 75
Clearfield Inc. (www.clearfieldconnection.com) 74
Dolan Media Co. (www.dolanmedia.com) 72
FSI International Inc. (www.fsi-intl.com) 72
H.B. Fuller Co. (www.hbfuller.com) 71
Vital Images Inc. (www.vitalimages.com) 71
Vascular Solutions Inc. (www.vascularsolutions.com) 71
Regis Corp. (www.regiscorp.com) 68
Winland Electronics Inc. (www.winland.com) 68
Hutchinson Technology Inc. (www.htch.com) 67
XATA Corp. (www.xata.com) 66
HickoryTech Corp. (www.hickorytech.com) 65
SurModics Inc. (www.surmodics.com) 64
Appliance Recycling Centers of America (www.arcainc.com) 63
Image Sensing Systems Inc. (www.imagesensing.com) 63
Communications Systems Inc. (www.commsystems.com) 62
Hawkins Inc. (www.hawkinsinc.com) 59
Techne Corp. (www.techne-corp.com) 59
Digi International Inc. (www.dgii.com) 59
CyberOptics Corp. (www.cyberoptics.com) 59
Insignia Systems Inc. (www.insigniasystems.com) 58
Synovis Life Technologies Inc. (www.synovislife.com) 57
Multiband Corp. (www.multibandusa.com) 57
Mocon Inc. (www.mocon.com) 57
HMN Financial Inc. (www.justcallhome.com) 54
Apogee Enterprises Inc. (www.apog.com) 52
Angeion Corp. (www.angeion.com) 51
WSI Industries Inc. (www.wsci.com) 51
Rochester Medical Corp. (www.rocm.com) 48
Capella Education Company (www.capellaeducationcompany.com) 47
Zareba Systems Inc. (www.wtrs.com) 47
IntriCon Corp. (www.intricon.com) 36

Here’s a chart showing the trend:

Top 100 Minnesota Companies by SEO

Some more random info:

The average score for Minnesota’s Top 100 is 79.7.
The average score for Massachusetts’ Top 100 is 78.5, proving Minnesota superiority.
The score for this website is 95.3, which would be in the top 20 for Minnesota and the top 10 for Massachusetts.

What does all this mean? I don’t know. But I am pretty surprised at how poorly many of these companies scored.

How does your company fare? Or better yet, run the analysis for your state’s Top 100 and see how you compare to Minnesota. Which state has the best Search Engine Authority?

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