World Record Craps Roll

by john on May 27, 2009

Did you hear about the rookie craps-throwing grandma who held the dice for 4 hours and 18 minutes this last weekend at the Borgata? According to this story it was 154 rolls without hitting a 7 (at the wrong time). Remember in craps there are times, when there is no point, that a 7 is actually a winner so I am sure she threw many sevens in her roll – just all when there was no point.

Over 4 hours!

I can’t tell you how much money I would have won on that roll. When I first starting playing craps in Vegas I had no idea what I was doing, although I did know that full odds was a good thing because the odds bet is the only even money bet in the casino. But I hadn’t learned about pressing bets yet. I was playing craps with friends from a bachelor party where two of us had back to back 90 minute rolls. We were happy to take $10,000 off the table but the dealers actually scolded us telling us we should have won $100,000.

Now that I know how to press, I would say they may have been right. Certainly would be right if that was one long roll without busting.

And 4 hours 18 minutes? On one of my hottest craps nights ever I turned $500 into $5,000 before giving a little bit back. As I wrote in the craps trip report I posted after that night we had THREE monster rolls in 3 hours, and each one was obviously less than an hour each – probably more like 30 minutes. I’ve never seen another 90 minute roll since that one amazing night.

I was in Vegas last week and took part in one hot roll where I turned $200 into $1,200 in about an hour, and I think that roll was maybe 45 minutes.

What do I mean by pressing?

I start with a $5 bet with $5 odds, both on the pass line then on as many come bets in succession as I can get. As I hit winners I press them up until I eventually get to full odds. At this point I’ve made a little bit. Then I start ramping up the presses going to $10 with full odds, to $15, to $25, to $50 and on this night, to $100. I had two points with $100 base bet with anywhere between $300 and $500 odds behind. I’ve gotten up to $200 base bet with full odds before.

When this happens I’ve already locked up a big win but I have a LOT of money on the table. Takes money to win money. Keep on pressing, and hope that you get some odds money back if the shooter hits a 7 when there isn’t a point.

4 hours? I’m guessing I would be pressed to the table maximum after a little more than 2 hours. And then, boy would the money get raked in. Hard to even fathom. The previous record (I didn’t know they had records for craps, honestly) was 3 hours and 6 minutes. So she bested the world record by 39%. She didn’t just beat the world craps record she obliterated it.

Damn, nothing better than a hot craps table. That one was smoking hot.

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Dave G May 27, 2009 at 2:04 pm

I saw the final few hours of that 4 hour craps roll and she did not roll ANY 7 at anytime. Many players started with 100-300 dollar and ended up cashing $11,000-32,000. The rollers husband only cashed in $5,100, not wanting to play numbers and jinx the table. He only played pass line and hard numbers.

It was absolutely amazing. In about a 30 minute span near the end, she rolls an 8 about 7-8 times when the point was 9. This feat will never be duplicated!

Players took care of the dealers and to show their generosity, they tipped Patricia as well. The Borgota, in a true showing of class, brought out the expensive bubbly for the couple and offered a very nice suite for the weekend.

Jeff July 20, 2009 at 8:00 am

She rolled for 4 hours and people only made $32,000? That is a tragedy. I still don’t understand how people play the pass line and wonder why they don’t win more. They should have been making place bets. Just think if they were making place bets and pressing their winnings on those. They would have made not tens of thousands but I would venture to guess at least a hundred thousand.

What a shame. If you are going to press bets, they should be place bets. If you are playing the pass line, you are waiting for them to make their point. Think about all the numbers this lady probably threw on her way to making the point. If you were playing place bets, you would be collecting on nearly every roll…not just when the point is made.

Sonny October 7, 2009 at 8:09 pm

I am a Dice Dealer in Las Vegas at a Boyd Gaming property. Boyd and MGM/Mirage are co-owners of the Borgata. I have heard from my supperviser the 4hour 18 roll was on graveyard. So that means there were proble not too many players around when it got started. He did not confirm this but I also heard it was a $3 game. I also was told the Shooter only made a few thousand. Sad! Jeff is right the way to play craps is to place the numbers and press then collect then press then collect. The pass line sucks you only get even money on your flat bet. When I play dice I only bet the pass to shoot. I see so many people wasting there time with “one unite” presses. Start with the amount you are willing to risk to start( $32, $64, $160 across) with a place bet on all numbers including the point and press collect then full press and if those dice roll you will get some serious money built up on the table and in the rack. The house got off lucky. There was more lost by the house on the 3 hour 16 (Ihave hear 3hrs6min and 3hrs9min it depends on who you ask)roll than the 4hour 18 roll. When playing dice go for the juguler. When I play dice once in a while I am lucky if I can get twenty out of a shooter but that is really all you need. I would have won so much on a 4 hour roll that I could quite humping as a dice dealer.

lucky December 7, 2009 at 5:09 pm

I love reading these comments… Especially when people think they know what they’re talking about. Dealers especially like to chime in on the best way to play craps and make money… But at the end of the day, they’re still dealers working for minimum wage. Let me know when you geniuses retire off your craps winnings. Maybe then you’re opinions will be taken seriously.

Junebizyy December 25, 2009 at 10:00 am

I played craps for the 1st time about 2 months ago. I rolled the dice for 26 minutes, and ran my $100 buy in to $540 dollars. I was on fire. I kept on throwing hard ways and the like……..until my streak ended. I sevened out, and passed the dice.

Every shooter passed the dice back to me and I rolled again………after 3 rolls……….WHAM seven out and that is how it happened from then on.

I lost $400.

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