Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!

by john on August 12, 2009

How to Win At Craps Using A Controlled Dice Throw! By Frank Scoblete and Dominator

Have you ever wanted to play craps and actually beat the house? Like most casino games, craps is not beatable under ordinary circumstances. It is a game with a house edge, meaning the longer you play, the more likely the casino is to win. However, Frank Scoblete and his partner Dominator believe they have found a way for you to beat this game, which is covered in the book The Golden Touch Dice Control – How to Win At Craps Using A Controlled Dice Throw!

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution

The Golden Touch Dice Control system has nothing to do with how you bet, when you bet or what you bet. It’s all about how you roll the dice. Scoblete and Dominator promote a system called “dice control,” where a player can affect the outcome of a throw by the way he holds and tosses the dice.

Dice Control Basics

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution takes you through the mechanics of dice control step by step, from how you should stand, how you should set the dice, the various grips, the way to pick the dice up and how to throw the dice so that you get a true throw with a minimum of bounce off the back wall. The instructions are illustrated with multiple photographs so you can see exactly what is being taught.

Other Features of Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution

The book also details other aspects of craps gambling, such as how to play when not the shooter, how to bet, how to fix leaks in your shooting, team craps play and even how to make the most of casino comps. If you are a craps player, you are likely to be highly entertained by this creative system for attempting to beat craps.

What Readers are Saying

Skeptical about the ability to control the dice at the craps table? Check out what some reviewers on have to say:

Ray Channey:

This book shows the controlled throw from beginning to end and how the dice should spin in the air, land and hit the back wall in such a way as to give the player the edge over the game. The types of bets you make are important too because not every bet can be overcome with the controlled throw. You must bet properly on yourself as a controlled shooter and also you must bet properly on the random shooters which are most craps players. This book has great material and is a must book for craps players looking to get the edge at the game.

George Heller:

This book is a must read book for all craps players looking to get a real edge at the game of craps. It is based on the physics of the dice throw and the math behind the proper betting.

Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution is available now on for under $12, or 1 lousy place bet at a $10 table. It could be the investment you have been looking for!

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Dice Control July 25, 2010 at 1:11 pm

I agree, this is one of the better books out there. I’ve been shooting craps for many years now, and without a doubt – dice control is your only hope of making any money consistently and beating the house edge.
Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution is a really easy read, with pictures and great descriptions.
They gave me this book for free at their $2,000 seminar – so for $12; I’d get it fast!

Good post John!

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