Southdale Sinclair & Tire

by john on August 18, 2009

I love to be surprised by great service and that’s exactly what happened to me today when I stopped in at the Southdale Sinclair & Tire gas station on France Avenue. I’ve never been to this gas station before but I decided to stop in on my way to lunch so that I was fully fueled up for the later rush hour.

When I pulled into the station I noticed the first set of pumps appeared to be full-service pumps as it was clear that someone who worked there was fueling the vehicle. Not wanting to pay to have someone do something I am more than capable of doing myself I drove over to the second set of pumps, thinking that would be the self-service aisle.

Nope. “Full Service at Self Service Prices” the sign at the pumps advertised.

OK, good enough for me – I’m not used to people pumping my gas for me but I decided to give it a try. A worker came over and automatically offered premium, which I suspect he knew my car requires. I agreed. Took me a minute before I realized I still had my car idling but he didn’t say anything and I turned it off right as he started pumping.

When it came time to pay I gave him my credit card and he came back with a clipboard and a pen for me to use to sign the receipt. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a “Tip” line on the receipt – I wasn’t 100% sure what the standard is but not having that on the credit card slip made my decision less pressure-filled and easy. “Keep the pen!” the guy cheerfully said.

Yep, I said cheerfully. Not used to that these days. He asked if he could wash my windows and after I said yes I engaged him in conversation, asking him how long they had been offering this full service.

“Since 1957,” he said.

Well then! Apparently this isn’t a Sinclair thing, just this one gas station. This guy was so upbeat, full of information, non-pressuring, etc. Part of me thinks there is a strong possibility he was the owner of the gas station. Is it possible for an employee to be so engaged?

Service with a smile and a free pen – next time I’m in the area I’ll go out of my way to stop by and spend more money with them.

And I guess that is the point. Bravo to Southdale Sinclair & Tire for knowing how to WOW their customers with outstanding service.

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