Mini Technology Review – HP MediaSmart EX495

by john on October 24, 2009

I went on a technology bender this week and invested in a number of new gadgets and software. Here are some first impressions of my first purchase, the HP MediaSmart EX495:

HP MediaSmart EX495

The HP EX495 1.5TB Mediasmart Home Server is one stylish little server. I bought this to serve as our centralized home media server and PC backup repository. After we digitized our music I put all those files on one of the computers, but it wasn’t always on. So that caused problems that this little beauty will now solve.

The EX495 model comes with a single 1.5TB hard drive with capacity to add more. Of course I ordered it from Amazon loaded up, adding 3 Seagate Barracuda 7200 1.5TB SATA Hard Drives.

Setup was a snap – the drive bays are easily accessible right up front behind the door, and the rails slide out very easily. Simply pop in the drives (no tools needed!), push them all in and you are ready to go. I setup the server in it’s home, plugged into into the network and hit the power button. After a few minutes all of the gorgeous bluish lights were on and I knew I was good to go. After installing some software on my computer I was able to connect to the home server and walk through some simple configurations.

Now that I have been on it for a few days there is only one problem I can report, which is that I have not been able to mount all of the nightly backups for some reason. But I did get one good backup right before I made my next technology purchase, Windows 7.

So far so good with the EX495!

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