Mini Technology Review – Apple iPod touch 32GB

by john on November 1, 2009

I went on a technology bender this week and invested in a number of new gadgets and software. Here are some first impressions of my fifth purchase, the Apple iPod touch 32GB:

Apple iPod touch 32GB

A number of years ago I got my wife a new Palm Pilot m515 Color PDA, which she has used at work ever since as her “brain” to look up medical information while on the floor. For some reason this isn’t something the hospital pays for, although they certainly don’t complain when employees use them to improve their patient care. Up until recently it sounded as though my wife was the only pharmacist at her hospital to use such a device.

That is until last week. One of her peers came to work showing off her new iPod touch 16GB and how it could wirelessly get information my wife could only previously get while tethered to her computer. And of course it came in that sexy Apple wrapping. It wasn’t until I looked back at that old post that I realized my wife has been using her Palm Pilot for almost 7 years. Time to upgrade!

After determining that indeed the iPod touch was the way to go and that it works with her medical information service provider, I ran over to Best Buy to pick up a 3rd generation Apple iPod touch 32 GB. Sure 16GB probably would have been enough but I wanted my wife to be able to trump her peer (not that anyone would be able to tell). I also purchased a combination wall charger/car charger. I decided I’d leave the case up to her because that seems to be a more personal decision as there were many different options to choose from. She would eventually go with a leather flip-case model.

Apple packaging is so minimalistic and stylish. I had to struggle a little bit to get the device out of the piece of plastic that had it in a death grip but eventually it succumbed and I was able to get it charged up and hooked into iTunes (for the app store) in no time. That was the one part of the process I really didn’t like. You literally could do nothing with the device until it had been synced up with iTunes. Woe to the person who buys an iPod touch thinking it could be their only computer. Not going to happen from what I can tell. After that I punched in it’s MAC address into my wireless router and suddenly it could see the world.

We haven’t done much with it, not even installing her work software. But I am anticipating no problems.

Overall, fun little device. Just make sure you have a computer with iTunes available!

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Apple iPod touch 32GB

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