Mini Technology Review – Quicken Quickbooks Pro 2010

by john on November 1, 2009

I went on a technology bender this week and invested in a number of new gadgets and software. Here are some first impressions of my fourth purchase, Intuit’s Quickbooks Pro 2010:

Quickbooks Pro 2010

I have been using Intuit’s Quickbooks Simple Start Free Edition to manage the accounting for my small business for about a year. (They also have an online tax solution you can learn more about at The initial version I was using said that it was capped at 20 customers, but interestingly enough when I went past that I had no problems continuing to use the free version. Since the needs of my business are few, I was happy to continue to use that free version.

Since I did a scratch install of Windows 7 I needed to reinstall my accounting software, which by now had been upgraded to the 2010 edition. Well guess what? That 20 customer cap was now enforced! Whoops. Time to buy the real thing: QuickBooks Pro 2010.

The packaging comes like most software these days – sparse and compact. Other than the software there was a quick start guide, a checklist if running multiple users, and a slightly thicker installation and setup guide. Per usual, I read none of this and just jumped right in. Install went very smooth and there were no problems importing my old data file.

I did have a problem with the registration process, however. While registration starts online you have to actually talk to someone before the product will be officially registered. And of course they use this as an opportunity to upsell you on products you have already told them you are not interested in. Which was a little annoying. But I got through that fairly quickly and got the program officially registered.

Here is a list of features that the Pro version has that the Free version does not:

  • Allow multiple users to work in Quickbooks at the same time
  • Import data from Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting & prior QuickBooks versions
  • Get a real-time snapshot of your business, in one location with the redesigned, customizable Company Snapshot
  • Organize data with Customer, Vendor & Employee Centers
  • Effortlessly track bills & set due-date reminders
  • Track inventory, set reorder points and create purchase orders
  • Reduce data entry by downloading your bank & credit card transactions into QuickBooks
  • Share data with Word, Excel & sync Outlook contacts with QuickBooks
  • Track international sales & expenses in multiple currencies

To be honest, I have little need for most of these features, however I am liking the Company Snapshot page. I also have plans to hook this up with my bank accounts, although I have not yet done that.

Overall I like QuickBooks. I don’t need much of what it provides and I probably could just as easily track my business accounting in an Excel spreadsheet, but doing so in a real accounting package makes my business seem more mature, and that’s certainly worth the small investment in this software.

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