Safety and Car Insurance

by john on April 13, 2010

American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow proposed in 1954 that man’s needs, in order, are physiological needs such as food, water, and sleep; safety and security; love and belongingness; esteem; and self-actualization (a state of realizing man’s own greatest potential). This theory, called the “hierarchy of needs,” is still being used today in psychology and health studies. Safety is second in the list so it is a legitimate need.

If you think about it, car insurance really is all about safety. The business of selling car insurance policies—or any other insurance policy, for that matter—profits off the need of people to feel safe about their own lives, the lives of their family, and their vehicles. But that’s not to say car insurance quotes from companies are only taking advantage of us and robbing us of cash. You might be the most careful and law-abiding driver in the world, but the rest of the world’s populace aren’t. So even though there’s little chance that you’ll get into an accident while taking a drive, a risk, albeit a very low one, still exists, and you want to be prepared for when that risk becomes a reality.

So what kind of safety are you getting from your car insurance policy exactly? Your policy promises coverage for car repairs and even legal representation for when charges are filed against you. In cases of car or car part theft, the same coverage applies. Your insurer experiences the headache you should be experiencing while handling all that, only they do it better because of years of experience in the industry of taking care of vehicles. You only have to pay your insurer a monthly premium and maybe a few additional charges in certain cases of accidents.

So again, it all goes back to the issue of safety. Car insurance is all about making you, as a car owner safe. It comes with a price, yes, but if you’re that very careful, law-abiding driver cited earlier as an example, you can actually get discounts. The lower your risk of getting into accidents or your car getting stolen—all pertaining to how good a driver you are and the completeness of your car’s safety and security features—the lower your premium. But whether it’s cheap or not, it does you good to purchase a policy…and quite frankly, you might really have to get one because most states require it.

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