Premier’s river cruise specialists get the best values!

by admin on November 8, 2010


  • River cruise vacations are almost all inclusive!
  • Don’t buy a river cruises based solely on the price
  • Premier has been selling cruises since 1984
  • Premier River Cruises only sells river cruise vacations

O.k. you’ve decided that you are ready to buy an exciting Eastern Europe river cruise or  looking at Holland river cruises and you’re looking around for the best deal.  You’ve never taken a river cruise before and the folks you are talking to at the “Wal-Mart” style travel agency don’t know much about river cruises, but tell you they are all very much alike.  You can’t find much on river cruises and you think you’d get a better deal if you go to the river cruise company directly – right?

With respect to the first comment, every ship in the world is different, river cruise ships and the companies that operate them are no different.  You need to be very careful about the product you buy and you should NEVER buy on price alone. That’s where a great river cruise specialist, like the professionals at Premier River Cruises comes into play.  They know the ships, the destinations and the river cruise companies.  What does that mean to you?  Say you were shopping at the “Wal-Mart” style agency and they told you they could save you $1500 on the cruise – you say great!  Only problem is that your style is like the Range Rover buyer and they sold you a nice clean Volkswagen – oops!
And now you return and it’s not about the $1500 you thought you were saving, it’s about the $7000 you wasted – won’t happen, can’t happen when you book with Premier River Cruises, we guarantee it!
As for the second myth that centers on the belief that many people have, which suggests that you get a “better deal” when you deal directly with a cruise line.  That is 100% false!  Folks, in my 25+ years of owning and operating one of the most successful upscale agencies in North America (CruiseMasters) I have NEVER seen that occur, never, no never!

Today’s modern river cruise ships have everything: incredible cuisine, wonderful staterooms and sumptuous suites.  All have wireless internet and most of the river cruise ships have a gym, spa and even a hair dresser – best of all they are casual so you can leave all the “formal” attire at home.

Almost everything’s included from “early riser” coffee, delectable breakfast, lunches and gourmet dinners – all included as are your English only sightseeing tours, regional wines and beers and entertainment.

Beyond traditional Europe river cruises, you could enjoy a Russian river cruise that includes St. Petersburg and Moscow, a fabulous trip to ancient Egypt and a  Nile River Cruise or even explore the incredible villages and cities of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta, or even China aboard a Yangtze River Cruise.

Check it all out at North America’s most knowledgeable river cruise specialists.

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