Industrial Floor Scale Options

by admin on September 22, 2011

This is a guest post by Bill Graves.

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If you run a warehouse, freight company, or any other type of industrial business, reliable floor scales are essential tools in helping you keep accurate records of your loads and providing reliable services to your customers.

There are a variety of uses for floor scales in an industrial setting. In this post I will be outlining some different options for industrial floor scales.

Warehouse shipping & receiving platform scales

If you manage the warehouse shipping & receiving function then you know the importance of technology in keeping your job area running in perfect condition. You use a number of pieces of equipment to do so including barcode scanners, rfid tags, label printers and of course, platform scales. A solid, reliable platform scale is of the utmost importance is you verify the weights of the products coming into and out of your warehouse.

Pallet weighing products

While it is important to be able to weigh your incoming and outgoing pallets it is even more important to do so quickly. Time is of the essence in manufacturing. That’s why the best investment you can make is in a pallet weighing product such as a forklift scale. This allows you to use your forklift as you normally would to move pallets but to also be able to get a weighing at the same time, without having to set the pallet down on a floor scale. Very efficient time savings!

Drum weighing products

If your goods are stored in 55-gallnon drums then there are a number of scales that are designed just for that task. Features you may want to look for include a diamond plate top deck, self-leveling, shock absorbing feet and a scale capacity of 2,500 pounds. I suggest you get one that is outdoor rated and don’t forget a digital indicator and all required cables and cords.

I hope this article helped make clear the options in industrial floor scales. If you are looking for floor scales for sale you will find online a number of different vendors offering solid pieces of equipment. Do your due diligence and find the best vendor for your floor scale needs.

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