City Planning and CRM

June 29, 2003

I’ve often described my approach to building CRM systems as akin to building Rome rather than Brasilia. Rome is beautiful, revered, respected and something that was built up over the centuries to suit the needs of it’s citizenry. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Brasilia is a planned city designed for cars, not […]

Oracle’s win/win ploy

June 6, 2003

This morning Oracle shocked Wall Street by announcing it intends to launch an unsolicited $5.1 billion tender offer of rival PeopleSoft. The announcement comes on the heels of a similarly surprising bid earlier in the week by PeopleSoft of J.D. Edwards, a deal that was roundly touted as strengthening PeopleSoft against rival Oracle. The tender […]

Selling to the CIO

May 24, 2003

If you sell technology products or services chances are you have been taught to sell to the business unit leaders instead of the IT(Information Technology) leadership such as the CIO or CTO. The reasoning for this is a belief that IT will be too enamored with the technology behind your product rather than the ROI […]

Telecom Vendors Suck

May 5, 2003

I was the Director of IT for a smallish ($30-40 Million) software company from 1999-2001. During that time I learned to literally hate the various telecom providers I got to deal with, be it local, national or international. From my perspective nobody did it right, they were all out to screw the customer for as […]

Sales Compensation

April 30, 2003

In the May 2003 issue of Inc. Magazine, Norm Brodsky writes in The Sales Commission Dilemma: Over the course of 25 years in business, I’ve developed my own system for handling sales compensation. I’ve also become convinced that the way most companies do it is a recipe for trouble. I’m referring, of course, to the […]

Home Depot Self Check-Out

April 27, 2003

My local Home Depot recently added some self check-out lines, which are a very welcome addition for me. I shop there quite a bit (two different trips just today) and for those times I just need a few items being able to check myself out will be a very nice feature, especially if they are […]

Executive Adoption

April 5, 2003

Critical to the success of any internal IT project is Executive Sponsorship. But there is another equally important concept and that is Executive Adoption. If you have been part of any failed or successful IT project I think you’ll recognize the importance of both. Depending on the size and scope of your project and your […]