Cube Life Letters

March 18, 2003

Pud has posted some pretty funny internal memos this week: Visual demonstration of a CLM(Career Limiting Move) Don’t even bother reading through this entire memo, you’ll get the drift after the first paragraph or two. The guy just goes on and on and on bitching and moaning about this and that, in a memo he […]

The Next Big Thing

March 9, 2003

Upsize Minnesota

March 5, 2003

Running a business magazine has always been a risky proposition, even more so these days (witness the recent death of Red Herring, and other magazines coming in with 50 pages that used to carry 250), so it was quite refreshing this fall to be sent the debut issue of a new business magazine, aimed at […]

The True Cost of Software Maintenance

February 23, 2003

Software is expensive. Enterprise software even more so. The licenses themselves? Sure – they are expensive. But where you can really get into trouble is in the annual maintenance you pay on your software. For most enterprise software you’ll find yourself paying 15-20% of what you spent on licenses for something usually referred to as […]

Microsoft Technical Support

February 21, 2003

I used to run a Technical Support organization for a mid-sized software company. Working in Support can at times be a thankless job. You make all of the margin but someone else spends it. The developers look down at you. Hell, even QA treats you as second class citizens. Thank God for IT. But working […]

On Consultants

January 22, 2003

I’m currently going through the process of unwinding a team of consultants who I have had working on a project since the beginning of last year. This project, an enterprise wide application implementation, has been the first project where I have employed a consultant for longer than three months. It will also be the last. […]