Child in Control Tower Story Is Old News

March 4, 2010
De-Icer Gun

You’ve undoubtedly heard the story from yesterday about the air traffic controller at JFK who is in hot water for letting his child direct some planes last month. It’s amazing to me to see such a big stink being raised about this because I’ve seen a group of professional air traffic controllers bringing children into […]

Watch the Internets – Listen to Your Customers

November 4, 2009
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If you sell any sort of product or service these days and you are not actively monitoring the Internets (invented by Al Gore) for mentions of your product then you are going to go the way of the Dodo bird or at least not do as well as you could be doing. There is no […]

Southdale Sinclair & Tire

August 18, 2009

I love to be surprised by great service and that’s exactly what happened to me today when I stopped in at the Southdale Sinclair & Tire gas station on France Avenue. I’ve never been to this gas station before but I decided to stop in on my way to lunch so that I was fully […]

The Web IS The Application

February 20, 2009

My 10 year old daughter said something interesting to me this morning. She wanted to type up a report she had done and she needed my help getting started. “What web page do I go to?” she asked. She had seen her brother type his reports on that computer and she just assumed it was […]

Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know John McCain Can’t Use Email

October 3, 2008

photo credit: Chesi – Fotos CC It’s funny but I feel like before I even get into a political post that I have to make clear my position, lest the right or left pigeonhole me and complain. Not that they won’t anyway, but let the record state I voted for Bush. The first time, anyway. […]

Email Etiquette

August 7, 2008

photo credit: CoreForce Haven’t felt the need to write a rant for awhile but damnit, I do this morning. It’s not really email etiquette but I don’t know what else to call it. Basic etiquette, really. I’ve been head-coach or assistant coach for my kid’s soccer teams over the last few years and in doing […]

House Flipping a Dying Art

September 10, 2006

Anyone who was a high tech investor in the late 90s surely recalls seeing comparisons between the stock market at the time and the Tulip Craze of the Sixteenth Century. Everyone knew prices were too high but as long as another sucker would show up to buy for more than you paid it really didn’t […]