How To Upgrade Your Sprint PCS Phone In Nine Easy Steps

September 9, 2006

Having upgraded my phone today I consider myself a newly minted expert in the art of cell phone upgrading – especially a Sprint upgrade. Here is my easy nine step plan for performing a Sprint phone upgrade: Be a long standing customer (over 5 years is preferred) and be sure that you always pay your […]

STFU, Coleen Rowley

August 18, 2005

Creeping P.C.

January 29, 2005

It’s The Economy, Stupids

October 2, 2004

The Lure of Data

July 7, 2003

I can relate to the article The Lure of Data: Is It Addictive? [via Gadgetopia]. The article talks about how in today’s Always On culture multitasking rules supreme and although the author doesn’t come to a conclusion on either side of the argument it’s clear that this could be viewed as either positive or negative. […]

National Do Not Call Registry

June 30, 2003

Back in December in No Call = No Sense I opined that the Minnesota “Do Not Call” legislation that had recently been signed by then Governor Venture made no sense and I went so far as to suggest you would be a sucker to sign up. With the national registry now a real deal others […]