Joe Millionaire Winner

February 17, 2003

So Joe Millionaire fans listen up, I’ve found a great resource for buying interesting Joe Millionaire related items including mint condition Playboy magazines featuring former Joe girls. Wow, imagine that! Check out the Joe Millionaire auctions on! Now back to our regular program… Like adding fuel to the fire, I will post my thought’s […]

Amazon Recommends

February 10, 2003

I’ve been a big Amazon user for many years now. I buy many of my books through Amazon, and am buying other things there now as well. I carry an Amazon Visa card. My wish-lists get heavily picked over by my technology-savvy family. Amazon has sent me gifts out of the blue just for being […]

Jabberings #2

January 30, 2003

Which OS are You? Amiga OS. Well I guess it could have been worse. SQL Server worm hits Microsoft. No doubt some heads rolled. Opera 7 is out. A couple of new high profile bloggers: Dave Barry and William Gibson. Gibson is a writer so he writes. Barry is a humorist so he doesn’t. Go […]

I’m #1!

January 24, 2003

photo credit: jepoirrier I’m now #1 on Google for joe millionaire winner. I just find this so funny. I mentioned the show in one article, made a couple of comments, and the next thing you know I’m 1/15,100 and getting a ton of hits (at least for me) for people trying to get a jump […]

Jabberings #1

January 6, 2003

New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2002

And now the obligatory New Years Resolutions post. Do more of some things. Do less of others.

No Quicken Upgrade

December 30, 2002

I’ve been a loyal Quicken user for almost ten years. For about the last five that has meant an upgrade and Turbo Tax at the start of every year. This year I decided to check out usenet to see what people were saying about the upgrade, and frankly they helped make my decision easy – […]