Browser Battle

December 30, 2002

Thankfully I don’t code websites for a living. If I did I think I’d just about go nuts. As I’ve been tweaking the CSS for this site I’ve really struggled with how something will look and act one way in IE and an entirely different way in Phoenix or Mozilla or Opera. What’s really frustrating […]

Joe Millionaire

December 28, 2002

So Joe Millionaire fans listen up, I’ve found a great resource for buying interesting Joe Millionaire related items including mint condition Playboy magazines featuring former Joe girls. Wow, imagine that! Check out the Joe Millionaire auctions on! Now back to our original program… I guess this is old news but I just saw an […]

Search Engines List

December 27, 2002

I use Webalizer for basic web log reporting and graphing. Very easy to setup, works across operating systems, and gives me just about all I need for basic analysis. As I suspect most web log analysis software offers it has the ability to pull search strings from the referral log. The list of search engines […]

Vehicles I Won’t Be Buying

December 25, 2002

Don’t get me wrong – the Audi TT Roadster is a fun little car. I got to drive around in one recently and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 6-speed manual transmission with some real get-up-and-go. The interior is remarkably big for a two-seater – I had plenty of head, leg and side room which is more […]

London Calling

December 24, 2002

Sorry to see that Clash member Joe Strummer has died. I used to be a huge Clash fan. Was reminded of them a few weeks ago when I was on a conference call with some people from the UK. They got on the call a little late and one of them, with a great British […]

No Call = No Sense

December 21, 2002

Many states have enacted “Do Not Call” legislation supposedly designed to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls. This has been receiving a lot of airplay in Minnesota since Jesse (lame duck) Ventura signed into law the Minnesota “Do Not Call List” Law. There has also been a lot of talk of a national registry. But […]