December 18, 2005

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December 20, 2004

Maker’s Mark Ambassador

August 30, 2004

Whether you like it or not

December 2, 2003

This turkey really has legs is an article from Fast Company on a small family owned business selling smoked turkeys, mostly over the holidays. This article has inspired me to buy one. But therein lies the problem for Greenberg Turkey. One of the key points in the article is how old-fashioned the company is. They […]

Guinness is Good For You

November 12, 2003

Not that I ever need an excuse to drink Guinness Stout, but Beer drinkers’ Guide to a healthier heart points out that not only is a little beer good for you but the brand makes a difference – and Guinness is the tops! Mmmmm, Beer. When I’m not drinking home brew beer I’m drinking Guinness […]

Airline Food

September 17, 2003

It’s well known by frequent travelers that for the last couple of years the airlines have cut back significantly on the quantity and quality of food served aboard their flights. Most routes that used to provide a sandwich now offer up a bag of pretzels or nuts if you are lucky. You may get a […]

Kids Will Eat Anything

August 4, 2003

It’s amazing to me how two kids from the same family can be so different. My 6 year old is about as finicky as it comes when it pertains to food. My 5 year old eats anything. Last night was a great example. I made poached Talapia, garden-fresh green beens and squid soup. Even my […]