New Ride

November 1, 2004

Test Drive

September 12, 2004

Office Space Wars

June 25, 2004

Play Zork over AIM

March 22, 2004


February 15, 2004

You really have to wonder about home builders these days. Are they trying to do too much, too fast? What else can explain how a supposed professional could manage the blunder you see in the picture to the left? That’s above a doorway in our unfinished basement. Tucked in behind a flexible heating duct run […]

May the Physics Force Be With You

January 16, 2004

We took the kids to see the Physics Force show at Northrup Auditorium last night. The Physics Force is an outreach program of the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota that is designed to show kids that Physics is interesting, understandable and fun. The place was packed and everyone really enjoyed the show. […]

Google Buys Microsoft!

December 14, 2003

[UPDATE: I’ve deleted the code for the button since McAfee now flags this as Exploit-URLSpoof and it is constantly removing this entry page!] Read all about it here (Go ahead and click the button, it’s safe). Once you’ve done so check out Don Park’s Spoofing for Dummies for an explanation of what you saw, if […]