Textile Help

February 15, 2003

I’m trying out Brad Choate’s MT-Textile plugin and I must say I’m struggling a bit with it – I’m used to just clicking those buttons to add formatting, and part of me thinks that instead of using this plugin I could simply add a few more buttons for some frequently used tags. However, I’m giving […]

Redesign In Progress

February 9, 2003

So what do you do when your wife and kids are away and you have the house to yourself for the weekend? Well if you are a geek you get up at 4:00AM to do a redesign of your website. Watch your step. (note from years later – I don’t care nearly about this as […]

Twice as Nice

January 30, 2003

Now that I’m home I’ve had the chance to look into a problem I noticed beginning to happen this week. Two times a couple of different people had entered the same comments twice, which sometimes means they got impatient for the script to return and just posted again. So I entered a comment myself and […]

Tonight’s Changes

January 24, 2003

Made the following changes (improvements?) to the web log tonight: Added daily archives Now if you click on a day on the calendar rather than being brought to the first entry of the day you will be brought to a page which includes all entries for that day. The interesting thing here was that since […]

I’ve Been Found!

December 11, 2002

At about 10:00 AM this morning somebody in New York, perhaps even South Salem, browsed over to Yahoo Search and proceeded to enter a search for snow storm in december 2002 new york After scrolling one page into the 21,900 results returned they clicked on the 26th choice, which brought them here. As a new […]

Template Change

December 9, 2002

I spent the weekend looking for a nice clean way to use CSS to represent links in my header rather than in the left navigation bar as the default template does. Googled a few prospects, tried a couple, nothing floated my boat. So the first link I see today on diveintomark is Using Lists for […]