Voicemail Stock Spam

August 21, 2004

The Next Big Thing

March 9, 2003

Read Buffett

March 9, 2003

Our annual investment class, otherwise known as Warren Buffett’s Letter to the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. was released yesterday and as usual it is chock full of stories, advice, warnings and above all, a story of spectacular results. Buffett was routinely dismissed by the investment community in the late nineties, given his disdain for […]

Coke Makes A Change

December 13, 2002

The Coca-Cola Company will no longer be providing earnings estimates. This could be huge. Or it could be a temporary response to some tough quarters ahead, who knows. But I’m betting other companies will fall into line. I’ve worked for a private company that went public and one of the most disheartening aspects of that […]