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This Is Not A Solution To Comment Spam

January 18, 2005

A few days ago Dave started to leak the rumor that something big was going on in the weblog world. Today it’s become official as announcements have started to come out about how web companies are coming together to address the serious problem of comment spam in weblogs. The solution is support of the “rel=nofollow” […]

Technorati Tags in Movable Type

January 14, 2005

Technorati has released today a new feature called tags which allows one to further categorize the web. Mix Flickr and tags with weblog tags and you get a Technorati Tag page, which looks like this which is the page for the tag technorati. The basic premise is you tag your articles just like people […]

Using AdSense Channels with Movable Type

July 14, 2004

Many webloggers have incorporated Google’s AdSense into their weblogs as one of the new ways to make money online – it’s a simple, relatively unobtrusive way to generate a little bit of secondary income. Until recently it was impossible to know which pages were generating revenue but with the introduction of channels a few months […]

The Smallest Thing

July 12, 2004

I’ve spent the last week trying to get Brad Choate’s Key Values plugin working as I need it to. A couple of nights ago I ended up sending Brad a cry for help and he wrote back promptly (thanks Brad!) with a suggestion, which much to my chagrine didn’t work. I was so sure it […]


February 28, 2004

MTYahooRank is a Movable Type plugin that allows you to programmatically determine the Yahoo Rank of a keyword or phrase. Have a keyword that is special to you that you always want to know where you stand on Yahoo? MTYahooRank is for you. MTYahooRank is a page rank checker similar to my MTGoogleRank plugin, but […]