Movable Type


January 10, 2004

[UPDATE] – Version .30 released 02/08/2004 MTGoogleRank is a Movable Type plugin that allows you to programmatically determine the Google Rank of a keyword or phrase. Have a keyword that is special to you that you always want to know where you stand? MTGoogleRank is for you. MtGoogleRank uses the officially sanctioned Google API so […]

Automating MT-Blacklist

January 4, 2004

The best defense against the growing problem of comment spam that Movable Type powered weblog owners have is Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist. If your weblog is built on MT then you simply must install this plugin. There is no better feeling than checking the activity log and seeing all of the comment spammers who have been […]


November 29, 2003

After some gentle prodding I’ve decided to release MTAdSenseStats after all. Please read my previous entry to understand why I have hesitated in releasing it. It is important to note that using these tags on a public website is a violation of Google’s Terms & Conditions and I take no responsibility for anything that may […]

MTAdSenseStats (NOT)

November 12, 2003

[UPDATE – I released it after all, please see MTAdSenseStats for more details] For the last few nights I’ve been pounding away at my first MT Plugin, MTAdSenseStats. I had even started the announcement that you see striked out below. But then tonight I got an email from the Google AdSense police: Hello John, We’ve […]

The Power of Movable Type

July 15, 2003

In yet another example of how to leverage the power of Movable Type, Matt Haughey of Metafilter fame has written Beyond the Blog, in which he describes some of the methods he uses to extend Movable Type. In particular he focuses on using MT templates to drive the static pages of a website such as […]

MT Plugin Manager

July 5, 2003

David Raynes has released a public beta of the Movable Type Plugin Manager. They may have fixed this bug already but in case not, in order to get it working you need to change “param” to “params” on line 197 of For some reason it did not manage to detect any of my installed […]

Using Unique Category Templates in Movable Type

March 1, 2003

If you click on the Book Reviews category archive link in the links section of my main page you will notice that the page layout looks different than any of the other category archives. In my site redesign I wanted to move the book images off of the main page and the category archive seemed […]