2005 WSOP Trip Report

June 24, 2005

Well I’m back from a few days in Vegas and sorry to say I won’t be on ESPN yet again this year, although I did make one of the videos I had mentioned previously. I make my appearance in this video at about the 44 second mark. That’s me in the black shirt and […]

Best Call Ever

June 17, 2005

I’ve been keeping up with some of the WSOP events via who have been doing a nice job with frequent updates and videos. Tonight I read about the wildest call I’ve ever heard of at a poker table. Put yourself in Kirill Gerasimov’s shoes. You are heads-up at the first table of the $1,500 […]

WSOP Bound

June 9, 2005

Hello John, You have been registered in to the following WSOP event: Tournament 7403113 June 22-Event #22– $1,500 NL Hold’em using W$1,500 from your account. You will be next receiving an email from with further instructions. Good luck at the tournament! Regards, Leonard PokerStars Support Team I won three $3+R tournaments with each paying […]

High to Low

March 18, 2005

Poker TV

February 23, 2005

So close, yet…

July 8, 2004

Last night I played poker for the first time since my effort at the WSOP event at the beginning of May. I played in the $200+25 no-limit event at Canterbury and finished 16th out of 137 entries. Unfortunately only the top 9 were paid so it’s sort of like finishing 137th but with five hours […]

Las Vegas Trip Report – Day Three

May 4, 2004

Las Vegas Trip Report – Day One Las Vegas Trip Report – Day Two Saturday was my last full day in Vegas and I spent most of it at Bellagio playing craps and $2/4 no-limit ($200 max buy-in). I would have preferred playing a higher buy-in but the next highest up was a $10/20 with […]