Recipe – Baklava

March 22, 2003

I don’t get the chance to make desserts too often but when I do my favorite thing to make is Baklava. If you’ve never had Baklava rush right out and get some – you’ll probably find it on the menu of your favorite local Greek restaurant. For the adventurous give this recipe a try. It’s […]

Recipe – John’s Texas Red Chili

March 15, 2003

  I’ve made this recipe about six times now and it has finally stabilized into something I am very happy with. John’s Texas Red is a hot chili, hot enough to put sweat on your forehead and clear out your sinuses, but not so hot as to be inedible. The first incarnation of this chili […]

Recipe – Dirty Eggs

March 4, 2003

Here’s a recipe you’ll find nowhere else – and certainly not in any low-fat cookbook! But first, the story of how it came about. Years ago in my formative years I did a lot of camping and fishing with my dad and a family friend named John Derrenberger. John made a dish called Eggs Derrenberger, […]

Recipe – Coq au Vin

March 1, 2003

Coq au Vin (“Chicken with Wine”) is a classic dish worthy of the time required to make it right. The meat literally melts off the bone, the infusion of the chicken and the wine combining with a rich gravy that will keep your guests coming back for more. Serve it at special events or a […]