Best MLB Post-Season Pitching Performance

October 8, 2010
Jack Morris MN Twins

I was listening to Mike & Mike in the Morning this morning on the radio coming into work and the topic was MLB post-season pitching performances and which was the best of all time. Of course the discussion started because of Roy Halladay’s no hitter on Wednesday, the first day of the playoffs. Halladay’s gem […]

Twins Back On Television

May 8, 2004

Good Luck To Saint Johns

December 20, 2003

Good luck to the Johnnies of Saint Johns today as they take on the legendary Mount Union Raiders in the Division III college football championship. I’m a Saint John’s graduate, of a sort, having attended a leadership camp there when I was about 12. So I’ve got a vested interest! It’s going to be a […]

Best Series Ever

October 22, 2003

The Cubs/Red Sox series would have been a good one, but who knows where it would have placed on ESPN’s complete list of the 100 World Series that have been contested, ranked from best to worst. The best? None other than the 1991 World Series won by the Minnesota Twins. Game 7 still ranks as […]

Buying the Stanley Cup

October 20, 2003

I found out just yesterday that the Colorado Avalanche added Paul Kariya and Teemu Salanne to their roster this year. No they don’t replace Sakic, Forsberg, Blake et al – it’s in addition to an already fine team. That spells serious trouble for anyone hoping to compete for the Cup this year, particularly our Wild […]

No Joy in Cubville

October 16, 2003

This was an interesting week to be in Chicago. Got to feel sorry for those Chicago Cubs fans. Are they the unluckiest team in baseball? As a Minnesota Twins fan I have been able to relish the excitement of winning a couple of World Series in the last 16 years. But oh those Cubbies. I […]

Michigan Football

October 11, 2003

The Wolverines of the University of Michigan beat the Gophers of the University of Minnesota in college football tonight with 31 points in the 4th quarter to win 38-35. How a team can rush for 425 yards and still lose is a tribute to horrible coaching, but that’s not the point of this story. This […]