Somebody sign this guy!

October 10, 2003

So Manute Bol wants to be a jockey. A 7-foot-7 jockey. What the hell? Manute has tried both hockey and boxing after a less than stellar career in the NBA. I don’t understand why he does these gimmicks when he could actually make a real impact in the NFL. Imagine having him play wide receiver […]

A Good Start

September 9, 2003

No Fantasy Football for me this year but I did manage to win the picks pool this week with 13/16 right. We use a weighted ranking scale where most points wins and I managed to win despite losing my 16 (Miami) and 13 (Green Bay) games. Yes, that’s right I didn’t go with the Vikings. […]

Golf Technology

August 29, 2003

I played golf this week at Legends in Prior Lake. Highly recommend the course. Challenging but with a nice mix of wide fairways and reachable par 4s. Greens are like ice and many are undulating. Spend more time on the putting green than I did! Legends has installed ParView in their golf carts which really […]

Herb Brooks Sadness

August 12, 2003

Herb Brooks was killed in a car accident yesterday. He coached the 1980 US Olympic team that won gold in Lake Placid, an event Sports Illustrated voted in 1999 as the greatest sporting achievement in the 20th century. To this 14 year old kid who watched in the basement with his family, who got goosebumps […]


July 12, 2003

Are you a SortaGolfer? Take the quiz to find out. If you are anything like most recreational golfers the answer will probably be yes. As SGA Commissioner Donn Glenn explains in his welcome letter, the core of SortaGolf is it’s seven amendments, which you most likely are following to some degree already: Always Improve Your […]

Tiger Trap

July 10, 2003

The latest ad from Tiger Woods has him surprising a number of amateur golfers by challenging them to a closest to the pin contest. It’s filmed via hidden cameras and is actually pretty well done. Check out the Tiger Trap video on In the ads Tiger is shown surprising a number of foursomes by […]

Golf Musings

July 3, 2003

photo credit: cordeman I’m on vacation this week and have managed to get in 54 holes of golf so far – each one different than the other. That’s what I love about golf; even playing on the same course you will never have two rounds the same. Every shot is a new challenge. It’s the […]