New Blogger

October 5, 2005

Improving Web Site Revenue

September 5, 2005

I haven’t been paying much attention to this web site this year, and as a consequence the revenue I am generating from it has declined significantly. Not that I was making much from it, as you’ll see below, but every little bit counts. I’ve been able to maintain a pagerank of 6/10 according to my […]

Interesting Development

August 10, 2005

This Is Not A Solution To Comment Spam

January 18, 2005

A few days ago Dave started to leak the rumor that something big was going on in the weblog world. Today it’s become official as announcements have started to come out about how web companies are coming together to address the serious problem of comment spam in weblogs. The solution is support of the “rel=nofollow” […]

Technorati Tags in Movable Type

January 14, 2005

Technorati has released today a new feature called tags which allows one to further categorize the web. Mix Flickr and Del.icio.us tags with weblog tags and you get a Technorati Tag page, which looks like this which is the page for the tag technorati. The basic premise is you tag your articles just like people […]

I’m The Idea Man

January 6, 2005

I’ll Take A Few Shares

January 6, 2005