How Not To Sell To Me

August 25, 2005

My Project List

January 6, 2005

A Dilbert Moment

May 6, 2003

Talk about “Things that make you go hmmm.” Last week I received an email from a developer on my team with a screenshot of an application he wanted to point out but I was more interested in what I saw behind the image, a snippet of which is shown here. Click through to see the […]

Working 9-5?

February 2, 2003

I hope Mark was able to stay unplugged all weekend. I certainly can relate to his situation. On Friday he wrote a couple of articles regarding his work schedule, which as he points out is really one continuous 24-hour cycle, with no clock. This is the fate of many technology workers, most assuredly anyone who […]

Performance Reviews

December 15, 2002

After about 4 paragraphs in to a comment on Jeremy’s Gruntle about performance reviews I realized I should just post my thoughts here. That’s what trackback is for. We are trying something different this year with reviews. We’ve got about 75 managers in our group in a pilot of a quarterly review process where each […]


December 11, 2002

I agree with Jeremy – Conferences Do Matter. The key is that you have to be an active participant, either by speaking, by sitting on a panel, or in some other way interacting with other attendees on a formal basis. Like Jeremy I have moved into a presenter role, my most recent being at Siebel […]