Using Adsense Channels in WordPress

November 2, 2008

Seeing Sarah’s post this morning on WordPress Custom Fields got me thinking about how I use custom fields, and in particular how much easier they are to use in WordPress than back when I used to use Movable Type (I’m sure MT is better now of course). To get a feel for what we used […]

Five Years Ago This Week – 9/6/2003

September 6, 2008

photo credit: tanakawho Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago: Gang Stories – I link to a website and an article exploring gangs. Unfortunately the content is no longer available and both links point to a sex link site, […]

Using AdSense Channels with Movable Type

July 14, 2004

Many webloggers have incorporated Google’s AdSense into their weblogs as one of the new ways to make money online – it’s a simple, relatively unobtrusive way to generate a little bit of secondary income. Until recently it was impossible to know which pages were generating revenue but with the introduction of channels a few months […]


November 29, 2003

After some gentle prodding I’ve decided to release MTAdSenseStats after all. Please read my previous entry to understand why I have hesitated in releasing it. It is important to note that using these tags on a public website is a violation of Google’s Terms & Conditions and I take no responsibility for anything that may […]

AdSense and the Googlebot

November 3, 2003

I finally decided to look into why I was getting duplicate searches from different IPs within my site search. Every time someone would search for something directly on my site within a few minutes another hit for the same search, but from a different IP, would occur. Via I was able to quickly determine […]

AdSense Observations

September 23, 2003

Almost two months now into the AdSense program and things are going very well. Certainly a small site like mine will not generate enough traffic to get rich on this program, but it would easily pay the hosting fees for anyone who paid such things. Which I do not. OK, it easily covers my domain […]

More AdSense Info

September 9, 2003

Joe jumps on the AdSense bandwagon. He writes: I’m supposed to get a few cents every time someone clicks on of those text-only ads, which are supposed to be matched up to my site’s content. That’s how I thought it worked too when I first signed up but I’ve since discovered it’s much better than […]