Jonesing for a good book

September 2, 2003

Jeremy asks if his book fetish is common. I think he’ll get many responses indicating it is, and certainly this is one. I’ve always been a book person and my family are book people. I grew up with books all around me. I still remember my first real book that I got, according to my […]

Amazon Oddity

February 17, 2003

Amazon has started to use a new ploy, putting up little “You Know You Want It” ads like the one shown here. Which is fine with me – except that I removed that book from my wishlist days ago. And a couple of others you said you knew I wanted. Guess what – you were […]

Amazon Recommends

February 10, 2003

I’ve been a big Amazon user for many years now. I buy many of my books through Amazon, and am buying other things there now as well. I carry an Amazon Visa card. My wish-lists get heavily picked over by my technology-savvy family. Amazon has sent me gifts out of the blue just for being […]