My Book Selling Process

January 31, 2009

I have mentioned before how I got started selling books on Amazon. It sure was hard selling those first books as I always tended to be a hoarder when it came to books and I had a hard time even loaning them let alone selling them. But I got over that and now every year […]

Taking A Look Back at Selling Books

February 17, 2008

As I have been going back into the archives I have noticed some interesting combinations of posts. For example, my feeling towards selling books over the years really changed. Here is a chronological look at the posts I made where I referenced selling books on Jonesing for a Good Book – Posted on September […]

Amazon History

September 16, 2006

In Ken Norton’s Amazon Unbox is Evil he refers to the fact that his first purchase on Amazon was back in 1996. That got me to go back and look at my history. My first purchase was Rick Reiley’s Missing Links on September 3rd, 1997. This is what I love about Amazon. I can’t name […]

Update on Selling Books

March 3, 2005

As I wrote about just before Halloween, I am selling books on Amazon. So how has it been going? Pretty darn well. As a reminder, here is what spurred me on to do this: This summer I actually took two bins of books to a local used books store to see what I could get […]

Selling Books

October 26, 2004

I’m a bookaholic. And I have to buy them, I just can’t get myself to go to the library. I hate the idea of having to return a book. I don’t even like to loan them out. I’d rather just buy another copy for someone. But having moved a few times with hundreds if not […]

Amazon gets it

September 2, 2003

While putting together Jonesing for a good book I decided it would be interesting to see how many books I have purchased on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In doing so I found YAEOWAR(Yet Another Example Of Why Amazon Rocks) – detailed order history. On Amazon you can view your order history by order […]

Jonesing for a good book

September 2, 2003

Jeremy asks if his book fetish is common. I think he’ll get many responses indicating it is, and certainly this is one. I’ve always been a book person and my family are book people. I grew up with books all around me. I still remember my first real book that I got, according to my […]