Five Years Ago This Week – 2/16/2003

February 16, 2008

photo credit: boklm Every Saturday I’ll be reaching deep into the archives. Here is what I was writing about this coming week, five long years ago: Google Buys Blogger, Begets Bloogle? – small mention of Google buying Pyra Labs. Joe Millionaire Winner – my second post on Joe Millionaire, basically talking about the traffic the […]

Using AdSense Channels with Movable Type

July 14, 2004

Many webloggers have incorporated Google’s AdSense into their weblogs as one of the new ways to make money online – it’s a simple, relatively unobtrusive way to generate a little bit of secondary income. Until recently it was impossible to know which pages were generating revenue but with the introduction of channels a few months […]

Blogging Work

October 30, 2003

I was asked for information on what blogs are today at work because they have hit the radar screen and we are starting to get requests to setup both internal and external weblogs now. I really see this ramping up over the next couple of years. Blogging work is here to stay. Of course it’s […]

Gibson Gone But Not Forgotten

September 13, 2003

The rumor back in April was that William Gibson was going to stop blogging within a couple of weeks. Never happened. Never, that is, until now. This time the word is from the horse’s mouth, as Gibson says it’s time to get back to his day job. He will be missed.

Ad Revenue

July 31, 2003

I received an interesting email today asking me to quote how much I would charge to include an advertising link on my site. This was not a spam, it was a real attempt by a real person representing a real service that actually has some relation to topics I have covered before.  As I would […]

Blogging Holiday

July 31, 2003

Obviously I’ve taken Phil Wolff’s suggestion of a blogging holiday to heart, albeit a month early. Travel, work, family, house, poker, craps, it’s all added up to no time. So I think it’s a good idea as there certainly is a bit of work in maintaining this site. How much work? Also via Phil, check […]

Great Business Blog Example

July 2, 2003

NewsGator is an RSS aggregator built to plug into Microsoft Outlook. I’ve tried it a couple of times and been impressed with it, certainly it is a leading candidate for any aggregator we would consider using at work since we are an Outlook shop. The makers of the product have released a case study of […]