Locking Down the Weblog

March 21, 2003

So I’m in the middle of writing an article on the use of weblogs in the corporate and academic settings and I revisit a previous post I made regarding a great example of a simple use of a weblog, providing network status for the UEN network. It was a particularly interesting example because it was […]

Now We’re Cooking With Gas

February 15, 2003

I haven’t given up on MT-Textile; to be fair I haven’t given it much of a chance. But when I saw this post on the Movable Type Support Forums I knew I had to try something else. The promise of a WYSIWYG editor in MT? I had to try it. Wow! First impression is this […]

Tonight’s Changes

January 24, 2003

Made the following changes (improvements?) to the web log tonight: Added daily archives Now if you click on a day on the calendar rather than being brought to the first entry of the day you will be brought to a page which includes all entries for that day. The interesting thing here was that since […]

Weblog Tool to Watch

January 23, 2003

Ed Swindelles has rebuilt his weblog from scratch, moving from pMachine to a custom built solution. He’ll be writing more about this in the coming weeks and I’ll be watching. I love his dynamic commenting system, if he doesn’t mind the spam I suggest entering a comment so you can see how fast it posts […]

Catching Up

January 20, 2003

A lot of interesting things have been going on in the web log world that I need to get caught up with: Burningbird has spent some time documenting her Threadneedle Strategy, which describes how to maximize the use of comments, trackback, backtrack and other technology enhancements. Shelley’s web log is evolving before our eyes during […]

Great Example of Business Web Log

January 12, 2003

Via Phillip Windley’s article Hallelulah! A NOC Blog in Utah I ran across Network Operations Standup Information, a weblog providing network status for the UEN network in Utah. I’m not interested in the status of that network in Utah but what I certainly am interested in is the use of web logs in the corporation, […]

Added GeoURL

January 12, 2003

Following Jeremy’s lead I have added a GeoURL link in the sidebar (proper position yet to be determined). No surpise here since I live to the east of the Twin Cities, but there isn’t too much around me. I will also point out that while most people like Jeremy live in a city, I apparently […]