blog contest


February 12, 2004

4th round of the Blogmadness tourney, facing my nemesis who knocked me out in the first round. Only 24 hours to go until voting closes – Vote for the winner.

Still Alive

February 7, 2004

I’ve managed to make it to the third round of the losers bracket in Blogmadness. Last round I was paired up with Asterisk*who also happens to be on my blogroll. We were tied 4-4 after the voting was over and I guess I won the judge’s tie-breaker. For this round I am matched up against […]

Good Reading

January 27, 2004

[UPDATE – Thanks to everyone who voted for me in round one, but I fell a little short (congrats Faith). Take a look at my losers bracket matchup if you want and vote for the article you like best. Don’t forget to vote on some other ones too.] The Blogmadness tournament has begun. There are […]


December 30, 2003

BlogMadness 2003 sounds like a fun idea – consider me registered. Modeled after the March Madness NCAA Hoops tournament, BlogMadness asks you to submit the one post you consider your best and it will then be entered into the tournament bracket, apparently seeded by Technorati rankings. Should be pretty exciting! I have a handful of […]