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Year 2003 Zeitgeist

January 3, 2004

There are three reasons why a small website operator like myself would take the time to publish this sort of information: # Ego to show off the monstrous numbers # To persuade advertisers # Curiosity Chalk my reason up as #3. Yours too.

Q4 2003 Zeitgeist

January 3, 2004

It is that time again – another quarter has come and gone. Average hits per day: 8,119 (+0%) Average visitors per day: 762 (+62%) Top searches: —————————————————————- Search phrase Hits Hits (%) Current Google Rank —————————————————————- catfish noodling 6599 16.30% 1 baklava recipe 2988 7.38% 1 coq au vin 2560 6.32% 2 baklava 2357 5.82% […]

One Year Down

December 6, 2003

It’s the One Year anniversary of John’s Jottings today. I started the weblog with the intention of learning about how this media could be applicable in business and to a degree I’ve begun to accomplish that – but I still have a long ways to go. I’ve learned about RSS, a bit more about CSS […]

Q1 2003 Zeitgeist

April 6, 2003

So Joe Millionaire fans listen up, I’ve found a great resource for buying interesting Joe Millionaire related items including mint condition Playboy magazines featuring former Joe girls. Wow, imagine that! Check out the Joe Millionaire auctions on! Now back to our regular program… Spurred on by Eric Barzeski presenting his monthly referral search terms […]