Blogging Work

October 30, 2003

I was asked for information on what blogs are today at work because they have hit the radar screen and we are starting to get requests to setup both internal and external weblogs now. I really see this ramping up over the next couple of years. Blogging work is here to stay. Of course it’s […]

The Mythical Million

October 4, 2003

Dave Sifry of Technorati fame recently celebrated a milestone – one million weblogs tracked. He went on to opine that a new weblog is being created every 12 seconds. Technorati fans everywhere (of which I am one) celebrate the monumental achievement. Well, it’s bunk. For as long as I’ve used Technorati I’ve thought that what […]


August 3, 2003

Feedster bills itself as the search engine for “The Changing Web.” When it first came out I completely agreed with that – I found it amazingly useful for simply and easily finding out what people in the blog world have been writing about recently. In my opinion there is a market for a search engine […]

Blogging Holiday

July 31, 2003

Obviously I’ve taken Phil Wolff’s suggestion of a blogging holiday to heart, albeit a month early. Travel, work, family, house, poker, craps, it’s all added up to no time. So I think it’s a good idea as there certainly is a bit of work in maintaining this site. How much work? Also via Phil, check […]

Adaptive Path MT Powered Site

July 13, 2003

A few days ago I wrote about Douglas Bowman’s implementation of Adaptive Path, focusing mainly on the design and CSS aspects of the site. Interestingly enough it is also a Movable Type powered site and the person who coded that part of it, Jay Allen, has shared a number of the secrets he used on […]

Backloading Feedster

July 11, 2003

Feedster is a search engine for weblogs. It uses RSS feeds to build an index of what is being blogged about and these days that means a ton of interesting new stuff. I’m still a Google Guy but I’m using Feedster more and more, particularly when I am interested in what people are writing about […]

Technorati Pinger

July 6, 2003

Technorati now supports direct pinging on updates as described by David Sifry in New Technorati Pinger is active: Hot ‘n fresh weblog indexing. Previously he was relying on pings to services such as and to determine which sites to index but now you can tell Technorati directly that something has been updated on […]