The Mythical Million

October 4, 2003

Dave Sifry of Technorati fame recently celebrated a milestone – one million weblogs tracked. He went on to opine that a new weblog is being created every 12 seconds. Technorati fans everywhere (of which I am one) celebrate the monumental achievement. Well, it’s bunk. For as long as I’ve used Technorati I’ve thought that what […]

Adaptive Path MT Powered Site

July 13, 2003

A few days ago I wrote about Douglas Bowman’s implementation of Adaptive Path, focusing mainly on the design and CSS aspects of the site. Interestingly enough it is also a Movable Type powered site and the person who coded that part of it, Jay Allen, has shared a number of the secrets he used on […]

Backloading Feedster

July 11, 2003

Feedster is a search engine for weblogs. It uses RSS feeds to build an index of what is being blogged about and these days that means a ton of interesting new stuff. I’m still a Google Guy but I’m using Feedster more and more, particularly when I am interested in what people are writing about […]

Technorati Pinger

July 6, 2003

Technorati now supports direct pinging on updates as described by David Sifry in New Technorati Pinger is active: Hot ‘n fresh weblog indexing. Previously he was relying on pings to services such as and to determine which sites to index but now you can tell Technorati directly that something has been updated on […]

MT Plugin Manager

July 5, 2003

David Raynes has released a public beta of the Movable Type Plugin Manager. They may have fixed this bug already but in case not, in order to get it working you need to change “param” to “params” on line 197 of For some reason it did not manage to detect any of my installed […]

Author Weblogs

March 3, 2003

A good author sculpts characters that makes you care about them. Good writing invokes some passion from within the author that is surfaced through their characters and embraced by the reader. The worst books I’ve read are ones where I could care less what happens to the protagonist. The best are filled with characters that […]

Comments vs. Posting

February 19, 2003

If you write in a weblog I’ll bet you make comments on other weblogs and respond to those on yours. I’ll also bet you’ve done the same as I – half-way into a long comment you suddenly realize, “Damn, this would make a good article on my weblog!” You then exit the comment application and […]