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This Is Not A Solution To Comment Spam

January 18, 2005

A few days ago Dave started to leak the rumor that something big was going on in the weblog world. Today it’s become official as announcements have started to come out about how web companies are coming together to address the serious problem of comment spam in weblogs. The solution is support of the “rel=nofollow” […]

More on Typekey

March 21, 2004

The Blogerati are starting to wade in on TypeKey, Six Apart’s new centralized comment registration system, and the initial reactions are the same as mine. “Six Apart has posted a page describing their TypeKey installation, and it is a centralized authentication system. Only one word can describe this design idea: bad.” – Shelley Powers “TypeKey […]

Comment Spammers

January 12, 2004

Comment spamming is really becoming a huge pain in the neck for webloggers. It’s truly a battle. MT-Blacklist handles most of it, especially now that I have automated the updating of the blacklist, but there are still some that get through. Earlier this week I had one guy run a script that generated almost a […]

The Tide is Turning

November 7, 2003

Kalsey goes on the offensive by Cutting comment spammers off at the knees. He mentions that our old friend Vig-RX is up to no good again and outlines the steps he will be taking to ensure this is one spammer who learns you shouldn’t mess with us bloggers. Of course, I don’t have to worry […]

Kill Spammers Dead

November 1, 2003

I’ve finally jumped in and installed Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist. I waited to install this until 1.5 was released and everything appears to be working well. I’ve already had one spammer stopped according to my activity log. Because I had previously implemented his macro solution I did have to back out some changes I had made […]

It’s The End of the Spam As We Know It

October 14, 2003

Jay Allen has released MT-Blacklist and bloggers around the world rejoice. Seriously, this is good stuff. It’s amazing how fast things move in the blogosphere. On September 4th I wrote about the problem in Comment Spam Solutions, adding that I thought the best approach to defeating spam was a blacklist approach where the list was […]

It Works!

October 3, 2003

I just had my first “Eureka” experience since implementing Jay Allen’s innovative Comment Neutrelizer spam busting macro. For the first couple of days after initially implementing the solution I found that I was still getting spam because the spammers were using URLs that I had not banned. No surprise there – I added them and […]